Impington Gardens refreshments stall is pleased to support the Jahabeto Orphanage in Kitale, Kenya.

The orphanage provides a family environment and education for disabled orphans that have either been abandoned or have lost their parents to Aids or other diseases.

Despite the loving environment and protection that the orphanage offers, the facilities are very basic and life is hard for the children.

Martin and Ruth Shikuku at the Orphanage work to provide shelter, food and education for some of the most vulnerable special needs children from the Kambi Teso slum. They are currently raising money for a basic onsite sanitation system and pumped drinking water: all the profit from the refreshments will help to support this important work.

Message from Jo Bishop:

joDave and I visited this orphanage in September 2016 and we were deeply moved by the work that Martin and his wife Ruth do. They are a Kenyan couple, Martin grew up in an orphanage himself, and they care for 53 street orphans, many of whom have disabilities. The children are well cared for considering the minimal resources that they have to hand, however, we were concerned about the harsh basic living conditions and poverty.
Johabeto is a registered charity and relies on a small unreliable bursary from the Kenyan government, a few donations from local people and subsistence farming. They have no running water and draw water from a bore hole for cooking, drinking and washing, they have no sewage facilities beyond basic pit latrines. Inside the orphanage the rooms are unfinished with concrete floors, no ceilings and no glass in the windows. Not all the children have beds and those that do share two per bed. When we were there we bought mosquito nets for all the children as we felt this was an immediate priority in an area with a high incidence of malaria.
We are raising money to provide some of the basic facilities that we in the UK all take for granted and our aim is to offer support that is sustainable and empowering.